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Nas Daily Build Something Mural

Nas Daily's Office Murals in Singapore was painted in 2019. The inspiration behind this first yellow wall painting was “unity” as “NAS means people”. The second painting was the Gall-Peters Projection of the world map.

Nas Daily has always had the principles of "people", "unity" and "empowerment" in mind. It is visible through his 1-minute daily videos which built him his brand and fame. Hence, the yellow wall in his conference room had this design: Multiple hands of different colours (representing different races of the world) pointing up at the text "Build Something". View the YouTube video here:

The design was inspired by multiple "women's empowerment art" showing united balls of fists of different cultures. We recreated it into pointing the number "one" because Nas Daily started out with one-minute videos.

The message behind the wall art that is now on the walls of Nas Daily's Office's Conference Room shows that, no matter who you are in the world, you have the ability to "Build Something."

Here's a gallery of images from the project below. Please enjoy and tag us on Instagram #artsydaphy if our art crossed paths with your lives. Thank you.

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