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Darlie Gawai Mural & Plate Design

Scope : Design & Paint Mural & Design Gawai Plates

Medium : Wall Paint, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Location : Jalan Wayang, Kuching, Sarawak

We are extremely proud to have worked with Darlie on their #semangattogether campaign for Gawai & Keamatan 2022.

We were selected to create artwork that represents the unity of Sarawak for the campaign. The scope was to work with Sabah's artist and create a wall mural and the 2022 Darlie plate designs with the same theme.

As proud Sarawakians, we had so much fun infusing Sarawakian cultural elements into a modern piece of art, as well as portraying the unity, harmony and strength of us riding the waves of hard times together.

Design Concept

The design shows people of Sarawak sitting on a sampan on the Sarawak River, riding the waves through COVID together. Behind are landmarks of Sarawak and Mount Santubong framed by unique flora of Sarawak. The Tree of Life and Pua Kumbu patterns are added as they are iconic ethnic designs of Sarawak.

Here are some photos below and the YouTube video that Darlie created for the campaign.

Have you taken a photo with the wall? Do tag us @artsydaphy on instagram! Follow us for more frequent updates! Enjoy!

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